MYPH – Mykolaiv Young Photography

MYPH / Mykolaiv Young Photography

MYPH is the first photo publication about the school “Mykolaiv Young Photography”

Sergey Melnitchenko, as a compiler, selected 63 authors for the photo book.
Designer Katya Lesiv proposed the idea of dialogues so that the photo artists could continue communicating with the teacher and the authors of the book, talking about their searches, thoughts, and dreams.

Joint edition of “RODOVID” publishing house and MYPH photography school.

Editors: Sergey Melnitchenko (visual series), Katya Lesiv (dialogues)

Katya Lesiv: design
Anastasia Bilousova: editing
Eli Kinsella: English translation
Lidia Lykhach, Sergey Melnitchenko: project managers

Product details:

Cover: soft
Language: Ukrainian, English
Circulation: 1000 copies (Ukrainian – 500, English – 500)
Number of pages: 200
Parameters: 205 x 220 mm
Year: 2022
Category: photobook
Series ISBN: 978-617-7482-00-9
Name of the series: Contemporary Ukrainian Photographers Series
ISBN: 978-617-7482-50-4