Young and free?


Information space is endlessly replete with apocalyptic predictions. At the same time, privacy is becoming more colorful due to globalization and all its gifts in the form of access to goods, travels, freedom of expression on the Internet. A time of private victories and a general crisis. The situation is becoming more and more unpredictable and alarming every year.
2020 has broken all records in this direction. The COVID-19 pandemic quickly laid the whole world on its shoulder blades. In a matter of weeks, all borders and transport links were closed. Everything that gave a feeling of freedom in an instant became inaccessible. In 2020, my photos from the “Young and free” series of works become acutely social. I try to instantly respond to ongoing shocks in the country and in the world by uploading pictures to the network. The case when you do not need to invent anything – nature itself creates colorful plots. For example, fields generously strewn with plastic garbage that are scattered from the landfill after a hurricane, or a smog that covered the whole country from fires in the Chernobyl forests. Because of quarantine, life has become like a leper colony. The right to safe movement can now only be obtained with a mask, gloves and a disinfector. World quarantine left no doubt that we are all tightly connected with each other, and, accordingly, everyone can both influence on what is happening and become a victim of influence.
Young and free? – This is a question for the whole generation, for the generation of millennials, which, under existing conditions, is on the forefront and should take responsibility. Now there is a decisive transition from the point of uncertainty to the formation of a long-term vector. You can fall into the trap, take as a basis the ideals created by the predecessors and again crash. Or make a choice, while maintaining your right to freedom of opportunity.