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My father died when I was 3 years old. Throughout my adult life, I grew up with my mother and two grandmothers. Now I am 27 and I am a stepfather. Naturally, due to the fact that I had no male upbringing, my relations with my mother were, to put it mildly, terrible. Constant quarrels, scandals, all sorts of mistrust on both sides. Yes, I grew up (Thank God) a good man. I quit drinking, smoking (thanks to my wife). I completely devote myself to my beloved hobby, which, in the same way, brings me money and to family. All this thanks to my women, who, no matter how we quarreled, when I was younger, put their soul into me, and even more. When I was about 17-18 years old, I was thinking about the question “can I ever build a relationship, or even marry a woman with a child”? I could. We are together for a year, my son is 2,3 y.o. In this project, I explore the relationships between my wife and our son Kirill, relationships between my uncle’s family and his daughters, relationships between my mother and grandmothers. I explore the places we are all living in and around, places we travel. I like to observe the growth of our son and especially the methods of his upbringing on the part of my wife and to compare, recalling my childhood.