Fashion Magazine


People with every passing day, month, and year, more and more bother about their appearance: spending huge amounts of money on expensive clothes from the branded boutiques, stylists, visiting various fashion shows, which, by their nature, always show something out of the ordinary and not adapted to eve-ryday life. But we, people, are all the same – the skeleton and the skin, and the on-ly thing we can differ – it’s our needs and abilities to use them. That’s why some of us are able to do things that can help our society – to invent new medicines for se-riously ill children, to rescue people in the fire, successfully carry out the opera-tion on the heart. For others, their stylish look – it’s the only thing they think about. This project is a parody-magazine of various fashion magazines, which shows that the clothes are only clobbers that cover our genitals, and no more. As the bases of the project are taken magazines of 40s-90s of the past century and we can see that nothing has changed, except the fact that these journals and of-fered “fashionable” clothing has become a huge amount. Drawings and inscrip-tions in it show that it also, over time, will no longer be necessary and will be used as a draft for notes, phone numbers and children’s drawings.